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  • At AGARWAL SINGHAL & ASSOCIATES, the selection process of team members is done on the basis of merits and not references.
  • AGARWAL SINGHAL & ASSOCIATES does not believe in creating a typical stereo-type Employer-Employee culture.
  • The employers at AGARWAL SINGHAL & ASSOCIATES are interactive with each and every staff member and all employees are free to express their opinions on the matter under consideration.
  • On periodical basis, the entire team of AGARWAL SINGHAL & ASSOCIATES is educated / updated on the recent matters by conducting seminars, training sessions etc.
  • Before commencing a new venture, the relevant staff is given adequate background of the relevant client for his work purpose (like peculiarity of transactions, expectation of client, time frame etc).
  • AGARWAL SINGHAL & ASSOCIATES is also associated with technical experts in relevant fields like Advocates, Solicitors, Actuaries and Valuation Officers. Such association helps as a Trouble-shooter.

The major criteria for selection of team member is

  • Educational Qualification (relevant for professional assignment to be handed) (e.g. CA, CS, LL.B)
  • Time Punctuality
  • Discipline
  • Dedicated Approach for achievement of target
  • Skills relevant for professional assignment